Nutrition Courses

A good diet is essential for good health because your body is built and fuelled out of the food you eat.  It’s particularly important when you’re recovering from illness and it’s very difficult to know what is good or bad advice online.  I had severe M.E. myself for 12 years and recovered by changing my diet away from typical online advice.  As a result I trained as a nutritional therapist.  Since then I have been in practice helping clients with M.E/CFS to improve or recover their health.  I have remained well for 15 years by maintaining a diet which works for me.

Nutrition course: one hour a week for 8 weeks to improve your health

As a nutritional therapist and ex-nurse I teach you the effect that the food you’re eating is having on your health, so you can decide for yourself the diet that is best for you.  Classes take place weekly in Bristol, UK, last roughly an hour and take place evenings and day times in a relaxed and friendly environmemt.  Classes are of 6-10 individuals.  Cost £10 a week.

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